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Professor Griff will be live in the chat room with Robinlynne on Thursday Jan 28th at 8pm Est. Call in tune in Get in where You fit In 605-562-3140 pin 554747# VIBESLIVE.COM. Professor Griff will give us His insight as only He can and bring us up to speed on Sirius Mindz Radio and Millennium5, The Complete Music Media Company. Millennium Music Media Please watch the power point presentation (Professor Griff) radio which is now Sirius Mindz Radio

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MORGAN FLOWERCHILD 12/11/15 9PM EST 605-562-3140 PIN 554747#

THE AWESOME MORGAN FLOWERCHILD OF FLOWERCHILD PRODUCTIONS WILL BE IN THE HOUSE LIVE WITH ROBINLYNNE IN THE VIBES-LIVE CHATROOM. CALL IN TUNE IN GET IN WHERE YOU FIT IN 12/11/15 9PM EST 605-562-3140 PIN 554747# Morgan Jones was born and raised in Westchester, N.Y. She began her performance journey, at age 5, as a dancer and choreographer for her family’s R&B and Rap group.   She went on to pursue a BFA in Professional Theatre at N.C. A&T State University. There, she won critical acclaim for roles in For Colored Girlsas the Lady in Green and in Blues for an Alabama Sky as Angel Allen.   She has an extensive resume (to follow). Morgan was trained and mentored in dance by Dr. Eleanor Gwynn and Tina Liggins while pursuing her theatre degree. Morgan choreographed Langston Hughes’ Black Nativity as a student at A&T, which ignited her passion for directing and choreographing musical theatre productions. After college Morgan’s talent was recognized by Christopher “Play”…

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CONGRATULATIONS Robinlynne MabinRobinlynne Mabin reaches 100,000 LISTENERS ON SPREAKER, 10:30 PM 1/9/2016! JOIN US FOR...

Posted by Robinlynne Mabin on Saturday, January 9, 2016



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Police Release Video of Keith Lamont Scott Shooting via WSJ Live Video - WSJ Editor Video Picks

Charlotte-Mecklenburg authorities released police dash and body camera videos on Saturday, depicting the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott by officers on Sept. 20, 2016. The family of Mr. Scott released video shot by his wife on Friday. Photo: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

8 hours ago
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Obamas Open New African-American Museum via WSJ Live Video - WSJ Editor Video Picks

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama opened the new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Saturday. The president spoke about the struggles and successes enshrined in the new museum. Photo: Reuters

14 hours ago
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Police Hunt for Suspected Mall Shooter in Washington State via WSJ Live Video - WSJ Editor Video Picks

Police are hunting for a suspected shooter after five people were killed in an attack at a mall in Washington state on Friday night. Photo: AP

17 hours ago
Video Released of Charlotte Police Shooting via WSJ Live Video - WSJ Editor Video Picks

On Sept. 20, police in Charlotte, N.C., fatally shot Keith Lamont Scott. This footage of the incident was shot by Mr. Scott's wife, Rakeyia Scott, and has been released by his family. It contains graphic language and disturbing images. Credit: Scott Family/Curry Law Firm

Beyonce Shifts From the Stage to the CEO Chair via WSJ Live Video - WSJ Editor Video Picks

Beyoncé is shifting from the stage to the CEO chair. WSJ's Neil Shah joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero and explains how the pop megastar is morphing into an investor, reshuffling her management team and signing new acts. Photo: AP

Brooks Brothers Launches High-End Casual Line via WSJ Live Video - WSJ Editor Video Picks

Brooks Brothers, so known for its classic suits, is making a big push into casual clothing. WSJ's Ray Smith shows Lunch Break host Tanya Rivero some of the 198-year old clothier's new high-end casual clothing it will soon carry under the label Golden Fleece Collection. Photo: Brooks Brothers

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Women in Iran Mount Protest Against Bicycling Ban via WSJ Live Video - WSJ Editor Video Picks

Iranian women have taken to their bicycles to oppose a religious ruling banning them from riding in public places. The unexpected "fatwa," or religious ruling, by the country’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, says a woman riding a bicycle not only attracts the attention of men, but also "exposes the society to sedition." Photo: Facebook/My Stealthy Freedom

Electric cars are greener in France than in China via Newsbeat
Want to save the environment by purchasing an electric car? Drive it in Norway. The environmental benefits of riding around town in an electric car over a conventional gasoline-fueled version can vary greatly depending on where it was charged. While electric cars on a whole have been shown to be greener than the fossil-fuel-burning masses, the power source that generates the electricity to charge their batteries makes a big difference. Countries that use cleaner sources of energy can help maximize the benefits of an electrically charged car. Norway, for example, is an almost completely hydro-powered nation while France relies heavily on nuclear and renewable energy. China on the other hand is still mostly coal-powered. That means an electric car in China is only 15% cleaner than a fossil fuel car, compared to a worldwide average of 40%, according to a Bloomberg News analysis. Several major car companies have electric cars to sell—and those that don’t will soon. All of those…
Scientists have invented a fabric that powers mobile devices with your movements via Newsbeat
Your phone inevitably runs out of juice when you need it most, but soon your clothes could keep personal tech perpetually powered. Scientists have created a fabric that uses human movement, the wind, and the sun to charge electronics. Wearing a power t-shirt while you walk around all day could keep your smartwatch charged while you party all night. This fabric that takes function in fashion to the next level was developed by material and environmental scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology. They call it “a micro-cable power textile” and reported on it in Nature Energy on Sept. 12. The power textile is the first to combine two ways of harnessing energy into a single fabric, using both mechanical (motion) and environmental (sun, wind) means according to a statement released by Georgia Tech. It’s also flexible, breathable, light, and adaptable, made from inexpensive and environmentally friendly materials—polymer fibers coated with metals and semiconductors—so it can be…
Norway Plans to Kill Two-Thirds of Its 68 Wolves via Newsbeat
This is a dreadful time to be a wolf in Norway. Norwegian officials on Friday approved the killing of 47 wolves, more than two-thirds of the population of about 68 wolves living in the country, a move that has sparked outrage among conservation groups. Most of the animals live in a designated “wolf zone” in southeastern Norway, the only place where they are allowed to reproduce. Within the zone, 24 wolves will be shot, while another 13 will be killed in adjacent areas and 10 more culled in other areas of the country. The government says the wolves are preying on domestic sheep. If carried out, it will be the largest wolf cull in more than a century. “We think this is a disastrous decision,” said Arnodd Håpnes, conservation manager for Friends of the Earth Norway. “It’s horrible because wolves in Norway are listed as critically endangered by the [International Union for Conservation of Nature].” “This is a very, very negative kind of nature management,” he added. “They will be…
The Food and Drug Administration has approved a controversial drug to treat muscular dystrophy via Newsbeat
The Food and Drug Administration on Monday approved a controversial drug to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a rare disease that confines boys to wheelchairs and condemn them to an early death. The decision came after months of protracted debate about whether drug maker Sarepta Therapeutics had provided enough evidence to demonstrate that its medication, called eteplirsen, had a meaningful impact on patients. In reaching its decision, the agency essentially overruled its own medical staffers, who earlier this year questioned the effectiveness of the drug over concerns about a small clinical trial. The wrangling raised still larger questions about standards for approving a drug, but some FDA officials also acknowledged that unmet medical needs for patients with some rare diseases warranted endorsement under a program known as accelerated approval. “In rare diseases, new drug development is especially challenging due to the small numbers of people affected by each disease and the…
The world is a far cry from Obama’s pledge to rid it of nuclear weapons via Newsbeat
ost newly-elected presidents spend their first 100 days on big, bold ideas. With a new administration seated and a new atmosphere in Washington, incoming presidents attempt to capitalize on their election victories in the hope of pushing through initiatives that would be politically impossible in normal circumstances. President Barack Obama not only followed that precedent, but went above and beyond any of his successors by calling for a world without nuclear weapons. In one of his first significant foreign policy speeches of his presidency, President Obama addressed a crowd in Prague and let it be known that the United States would redouble its efforts to make a nuclear-weapons free world more more than an optimistic, pie-in-the-sky talking point. “[A]s the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon,” Obama said, “the United States has a moral responsibility to act. We cannot succeed in this endeavor alone, but we can lead it, we can start it. So today, I state clearly and…
Mercury lurks in western N. America’s wildlife via Newsbeat
Mercury contamination is widespread across western North America in the air, soil, lake sediments, plants, fish, and wildlife, according to new research. Scientists on the Western North America Mercury Synthesis team report the finding online in a series of articles in Science of the Total Environment. Key findings from the study include: Contamination with methylmercury, the toxic organic form of the metallic element, in fish and birds is common in many areas across western North America. Fish and birds in many areas were found to contain mercury concentrations above levels considered toxic to them. Forest soils typically contain more inorganic mercury than soils in semi-arid environments, yet the highest levels of methylmercury in fish and wildlife tend to occur in semi-arid areas. Land disturbances, such as urban development, agriculture, and wildfires, are important factors in releasing stored mercury from the landscape, potentially making it available for biological…
Charlotte Protests: Family Wants Video Made Public via WSJ Live Video - WSJ Editor Video Picks

Protests continued for a third night in Charlotte, N.C., late Thursday, although they were quieter than previous nights. Gov. Pat McCrory dispatched National Guard troops and city officials set a midnight curfew to prevent any further violence and property destruction.

The newest pharma villain Novum is charging $9,561 for a tube of skin cream via Newsbeat
Mylan CEO Heather Bresch is being grilled by Congress Sept. 21 over the pricing of the EpiPen, which has climbed 400% since her company acquired the device in 2007. She might want to make room at the witness table for Todd Smith, the CEO of Novum. According to the Financial Times, Novum just hiked the price of its prescription skin cream Aloquin by 128%. A small tube now costs $9,561, or about the price of this home in Detroit. Aloquin is used to treat acne and eczema, and is made with ingredients that can be bought at a pharmacy for less than $40, according to the FT. The US Food and Drug Administration calls it “possibly effective.” Novum, based in Chicago, acquired Aloquin from Primus Pharmaceuticals in 2015, when it cost $241.50, then overnight raised it more than 1,000%, the FT reported. It has raised prices twice since then. The company has also jacked up the prices of its two other prescription skin treatments. Novum was founded last year and focuses on “acquiring and…

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